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Sharp TL handles family well

Acura sure makes a sharp car.

And all the angular exterior features are just the tip of the ice berg.

It’s hard to miss the TL, with all the hard geometric shapes that fit on top of a Super-Handling All-Wheel-Drive beast (SH-AWD).

The chiselled look has an artistic style that sets it apart from most vehicles on the road. The front has a distinct face with the large silver grille slab featured prominently between the dark-cutting High-Intensity Discharge headlights.

The high-door height gives the TL some definite weight without making it look like it’s just trying to hide its bulk. Think of it more as a well-fitted tailored suit ... that just costs a whole lot more. But damn, are you going to look good in it!

Sitting behind the wheel you’ll find a tonne of gadgets, and buttons for all your needs. Thanks to the optional Tech package you get a premium sound system, navigation system with trilingual voice recognition (very cool!), Bluetooth and a rearview camera. Because of the high rear deck and a short rear window the camera comes in extremely handy. The 440 watt audio system thumps out your favourite tunes on AM/FM/SAT radio, CD and DVD-audio, and it comes with MP3 player connectivity.

The main control dial for the audio system, car settings and navigation handles the searching and selecting of items with general ease. The only problem is that it’s low on the centre stack, becoming nearly unusable for the driver, which is probably a good thing because it will keep the driver’s eyes on the road and the front passenger can have fun trying to figure out what the driver is looking for.

The steering wheel has a huge share of controls as well, which takes some getting use to, but once you get the hang of them it becomes second nature.

Perforated premium Milano leather trims out the interior, which of course, makes it very easy to clean up any messes kids decide to leave behind.

Seating room is good all around and except for the rear window, you have a clear view of the outside from every angle.

Cargo room is good in the trunk and even though the dual-tiered floor might look as if it could be an issue for loading items, the lower space keeps your goodies from rolling all the way to the far end of the trunk. If something does roll out of reach, you can always get the kids to open their ‘secret’ rear-seat door to the trunk and help you out.

Under the hood — peeking out from behind all that plastic shielding — is a 3.7-litre V6 capable of 305 horsepower and 273 lb.-ft. of torque. A push-button start brings the TL to life and you’ll find that while it screams luxury, it still has the heart of a road racer.

Although I’m probably one of the few that would prefer an automatic, just because I’m more of a cruiser and less of a racer, the six-speed manual is quite good. Shifting is smooth and the clutch has a decent feel for when the gear wants to hook up.

The SH-AWD plants the wheels firmly in the corners on sharp turns as the engine pushes you into your seat, and the handling remains nimble and responsive.

The suspension has a definite sporty feel, but still manages to give passengers plenty of relief from bumpy roads.

The TL is one of those cars that make me wish I had just a little more cash in my pockets, but for those who can afford it, the TL is one fine machine.
Year/Make/Model 2010 Acura TL
Price as tested $48,591
Trim level SH-AWD
Price range $48,490
Freight $1,895
Options Tech pkg ($3,500) includes premium sound system, navigation system, rearview camera, Bluetooth; block heater ($101)
EnerGuide fuel economy ratings 11.9 L/100km city; 8.0 L/100km hwy
Observed fuel economy 12.5 L/100 km combined
Warranty (basic) 4 years / 80,000
Warranty (powertrain) 5 years/ 100,000 km
Competitors Cadillac CTS4; Lincoln MKS AWD; Mercedes-Benz C350 4matic

Strong Points
* - Dad loves the angled exterior
* - mom likes the nice interior
* - kids like the trunk pass-though

Weak Points
* - Dad could do with an automatic
* - mom dislikes the sharply angled exterior
* - kids dislike not having heated seats in back​

Editors Rating:
Fuel consumption 2* Acceptable for its performance
Value for price 3.5* Decent price for an all-wheel-drive luxury sedan
Styling 4* Nice inside, sharp outside
Comfort 4* Good room and comfort
Performance 4* Good to go … fast
overall 4* Sporty looking and comfy too
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