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How's it going everyone?!?! So, I am on my second CL,I am literally building an exact replica of my first cause I miss it so much. I actually sold my 01 BMW to go back to a CL (thats how much I love them). My original CL had se7en Mods on them also and I didn't have this issue. Maybe someone can answer this. My rear center caps keep hitting the lug nuts. I figured it was just cause I had the tuner style and they were too long. So, I ordered some open-ended shorties and what do ya know!?!?!....stupid things still hit!! They are just hitting, it is only off by a very very short distance.

Does anyone have/had this issue? Idk why this is happening, my last CL never had this issue. Maybe cause these rims are staggered in the rear and my old ones weren't? :wtf:
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