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axle seal puking

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Baught a 1999 TL3.2 from a slimey car dealer. Came home to a axle seal leaking like a whores droors. lol

We are now on the third seal with it leaking as soon as we leave the shop, but it doesnt leak on the lift or while under easy driving, only with aggresive driving. If you give it WOT you can accualy hear and see when a huge gush of atf hits the exhaust and smokes.

I replaced the transaxle vent with no luck, and whent as far as making my own vent in the filler bolt, so it has plenty of venting...

Iam an apprentice and had 5 techs look at it including my brother inlaw who is the head tech at a honda dealer

Any ideas? \ill apreciate it alot!
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fixed installed one more seal and it worked
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