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Bad gas, now dealers says everything is bad?

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2004 acura TL

My daughter lives in another state. She called the other day and said her car popped a code and was running bad. She took to dealer and they said it was bad gas and to drive the gas out and top off with fresh gas. After topping off the car with fresh gas at a different station it ran worse.

Took to dealer again and they said it needed all injectors replaced along with the fuel pump and all gas removed from tank.

I called dealer and asked how they determined the injectors were bad if they believe it has bad gas in it, or how they determined the injectors were bad if they believed the fuel pump is bad.

The answer for how they determined the injectors were bad....was that all 6 cyls were misfiring.

The answer as to why they determined the pump was bad also....was that they had a similar issue with a car a few weeks ago that had a bad pump.

In my opinion this should be a progression of troubleshooting, change gas and filter then see how the car reacts. then check pump pressure, and then maybe guess at the injectors being clogged.

Any suggestions?
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Something doesn't sound right here. What were the exact engine codes that the computer showed? I'll need those codes to be able to assist you further.
the car is not in good condition it needs good servicing as i think cause its giving out much smoke than expected in this pic.. make sure you care it from time to time........:bash:
Say what? :sqnteek:
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