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I have a question for owners. I have a 2014 ILX the rear dampers have failed 3x and been replaced al within 15 months and in under 10,000 miles. I have endured a "Bang" noise whenever I hit a bump or undulation in a certain way, it still persists even thought the suspension has been upgraded. It is a loud noise coming from the rear. The bump does not have to be big nor the speed of the vehicle high to get this noise to occur.
Anyone else have this problem? Anyone fix it? Acura is telling me that is just the way the car is. Right.

Issue 2

When the brake pedal is depressed and then the foot removed the uptake of the pedal is not uniform and will also bang about halfway up, sometimes I can experience this same issue when depressing the pedal as well. Also when the car is in park and I depress the pedal this bang when lifting the brake pedal can be felt within the transmission tunnel and through the shifter.
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