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I swapped my interior from beige to black and after reattaching all the wires but before securing the dash, I tried the electrics and everything was working fine. I was so exciting that I forgot to start the car. Either way. About 20 minutes later I tried the electrics again and to start the car and this time nothing was working except the emergency lights. I assume the batter went flat.

Here is my problem: I think I forgot to reattach a grounding wire and my battery got sapped. Here are some photos of the issue I am having. A big part of this is that it's my first dash swap and my old dash had a trillion wire taps (from the previous owner) for the remote starter. Furthermore, the new dash I bought also had a trillion wire taps for a viper alarm system. Therefore I can not retrace the wires to find out what the standard set up looks like. I need your help for this!

*The white circles are for things I couldn't find attachments to
*The red circles are there to give you guys an idea of just how many wire taps there were.


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