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Best Car for the Employed Gay
"Acura ZDX named top gay car."
Acura ZDX wins best car for the gay professional.

This year, the Best Car for the Gay Professional category has been replaced by the more general prize for the gay employed. I present the Acura ZDX for the gay that rode the Wall Street wave and came out intact (or stuffed his mattress with some extra bills) and can now ride in style.

Honda vehicles, although sturdy and dependable, have been predictable (translation: boring) when it comes to style the last few generations. Sedans, utes and trucks were ultra reliable but far from youth-inspiring or adult sexy. That is, until Accord Coupe changed the face of conservative brand. And then came the Accord Crosstour last year, badged as a "fresh take on the utility." Fresh styling indeed.

And now, with the Acura ZDX, the sexier, more refined sister of the Crosstour, the company has updated its portfolio with an impressive crossover in an environment where the vehicle, like the professional driving it, can't afford complacency.

But, can your sister-in-law's baby carrier brand really inspire performance and style? It would seem so. The ZDX boasts a 300-hp, 3.7-liter, VTEC® V-6 powertrain that demands a more aerodynamic fascia design that makes sense of Acura's ridiculous front end. Our kid with braces finally has a grill to be proud of.

Performance and refinement are what we can expect from an Acura, but the 16/23 mpg is a little sketchy, especially for a company built on engine technology. The extra Acura tech pumps an additional 500 lbs on the hops of the ZDX compared to its slimmer sister, giving it the same curb weight as cousin Honda Pilot. I'm left to wonder if Acura's fresh outlook is limited to exterior design.

Either way, like the gay employed, the ZDX got our attention. Now it's time to prove that it's flexible enough to grow in a ever-changing industry.
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