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Best Wireless CarPlay Adapter

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Wireless Carplay Adapter Suggestions:
I bought cplay2air, Ottocast. It didn't take long for it to fail and it couldn't connect to the phone. I found that they are actually the same product, there is no difference. But they all cost over $100. In the end, I bought the carlinkit adapter from Carlinkit Wireless Carplay Adapter which is a much more cheap unit compared to them. Carlinkit adapter is a lot smaller in size in comparison and is a lot more elegant in my opinion (Not cheap plastic).
The setup is easier and the re-connection is pretty fast, and the USB - cable can be removed. It works on my 2019 mdx. Of course, the reason I am more willing to pay for this wireless carplay adapter is that I have used other products before and the experience of those products is not good.
But I am satisfied with my this purchase. This is really convenient. It works well, no issues so far!
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I believe that after enjoying the convenience of wireless carplay, you will no longer switch to wired carplay. (Of course, this is after you get a adapter)
I would love to share this item. The price is reasonable. I bought it for less than $85. It's definitely worth it! If you are interested, you can try it. I recommend this.
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I've been using this product for a while. I found there is audio lag and input lag, about 1 sec, but manageable. Pressing buttons is responsive enough but when swiping on the Home Screen or panning the map the screen lags behind the finger a bit.
Overall, this adapter is worthy and the performance is still OK. Although there are a few minor issues, it does not affect normal use.
My Car is MDX 2017 and wondering 2017 MDX may not support carplay.
getting a wireless CarPlay adapter is likely worth the cost for you.
Unfortunately this is not available on the site and does not show an availability date
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