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Hello all. Got an intermittent problem where blower motor and radio simultaneously stop working. Had a quick look in Haynes manual wiring diagrams for clue as to where to look in the car for possible common "bad" ground location as cause for problem, but no luck.

Anyone with any thoughts as to where I might look or if I'm on the right track.

Thanks in advance.
I'm sure you have checked the fuse like most people would. If you connect the motor to constant power and the blower works check the resistor. If you have replaced the resistor ($30-42) and still have no luck then it is your ignition switch! The blower motor has no relay, power comes directly off the switch (blue and white wire connect to your switch). I have looked high and low on the net looking for a relay before looking up wire schematics to find this out.

P.S. Have a radio or cigarette lighter issue? Could be the same issue, it is also connected to the ignition switch. Radio quit working five years ago and just started working after replacing the switch!
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