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Being the high tech business it is very disappointing when a product/car like the 2010 Acura TL SH-AWD with Tech Package falls short of the promise.

Every time I call someone using the Bluetooth they all ask me: "Are you driving with your windows open?" The answer is "no"!

The noise cancelling capabilities of the microphone is non-existent. I also own a Yahama FJR1300 and I have a Scala Rider Bluetooth system that connects to my phone. Gues what? At 75 MPH down the highway most people cannot tell I am on the bike - in fact they think I am at home or the office. It's just that quiet.
So why, in a $50K car can they NOT put decent software to deal with the issue - dealer answer: "You can do that?" arghh...

Also what's up with the really old map updates????
Paid my annual $165 get the DVD - update everything and a main highway in San Diego built 2 years previous is MISSING - huh?
So I call NavTeq and they tell me that it is Acura the lets them know which revision they want - you are kidding me!

I own a $100 Garmin with lifetime maps for $90 and the highway has been there for over a year!

So sad when a fine car like Acura falls so short on the technology side.
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