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BMW M5 spoiler? Mugen?

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I've heard of some individuals with a TL placing an M5 spoiler onto the rear. My question is,..does anyone know if it will fit perfectly, because I don't want to have to cut it or do any other modifications besides paint it.

For anyone wondering what this looks like, it is mearly a tiny lip that goes on the rear trunk lid.

The other option for me is to save and get a mugen spoiler... tho.. i'm not sure if I like it since I haven't seen it in person.. if anyone has pictures,..could you please display?

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yeah i have seen it before. it's been a long time and i *think* you don't really have to do anything on the spoiler. however i also recall the m5 spoiler would be a bit short for our cars. i hope i am right.
yee has it on his trunk, but this belongs to vicnyc_tl...

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Personally, I think the M5/M3 Lip spoiler does not fit with the shape of our trunks. But, if you want Mugen, get it now. Mugen has discontinued the Spoiler for our cars, and is selling whatever inventory they have left.
wow...i like that

but i like the mugen one better...anyone know where i can find the mugen lip spoiler for the tl? i want one so bad
I have a nighthawk black one in the shop and gold ones are left over if you want to get one painted. Not much leftover.
Tommy you dork. I thought you gonna stop modding out yo TL-S? you old fogey! HAHA! j/k j/k!!!!!!! :laugh: if you want the spoiler, get it from valuetl (mike)
Here it is on my car. I can get these spoilers for about $110 I think from the dealer (discount) if anyone wants one -- unpainted.

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I think Mugen Spoiler looks better!!! :yes: :yes:

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Also, there is a Mugen spoiler sale on ebay now. Some of you guys might be interested.

Mugen Spoiler ebay

does anyone know what this thing will remotely look like on a gen 1??? i think it looks so hot on the new tls but i haven't seen it on a gen 1 and i don't know if it will fit... i kinda don't want to be the guinea pig either...
i think the spoiler on the new gen tl is too wide for the old gen. another problem is that the new gen tl is more sporty, so these spoiler on the first gen would be a bit overdone
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