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We bought an Acura 2000RL yesterday with 153,000 miles on it and backed it out of driveway this morning and there was a basketball sized spot of transmission fluid on the ground. I have a few questions:
1. Is it a common problem with 2000 RL's to have transmission leaks and/or tramsmission problems?
2. I read on-line that Acura/Honda transmission fluid MUST be used. Is that the case?
3. Who would you recommend taking the Acura to for the transmission to be looked at? We live in the Cullman, Alabama area.

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I would try and find out more info on the leak first. Is the transmission overfilled? Where is the leak coming from?

As far as what fluid to use, the factory fluid is the general consensus. However some have used other high viscosity ATF's that meet the Z1 specs without issues (but I think this is one of those YMMV issues)
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