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I bought a 2018 RDX, base model (but with AWD), with 61,000 miles, and am extremely happy with it after 8 months and a winter in New England.

My cheap advice, for what little it's worth, is to go for less tech, not more. More tech equates to more to go wrong, and more expense when it does go wrong. All the sensors and computers are expensive, and as others have noted, the associated features are more annoying than helpful in most use-cases.

Re: the Tech package, have you ever driven a vehicle that shuts off at stop signs and stop lights? I find it to be the most annoying thing in the world. And you have to disable it every time you get in the vehicle. A hard pass for me.

Your phone will be superior to any onboard navigation system (in virtually any car, not just this one). BlueTooth is probably all you "need" to have hands-free operation and be safe on the road. The audio quality is "good enough", and if you need more, you can copy ultra-high-quality MP3s to a thumb drive and plug it into the media port under the center console.

Long-and-short: get the base model, but with AWD.
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