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Hey guys!

So I bought a pair of OEM RSX 2005/2006 headlights from a guy from Canada on a forum the other day and I was wondering if you guys come help me figure something out. The previous owner told me that he never open the headlight housing up, but it seems that they are missing the plastic lens covers over the turn signals.


I can verify that the headlights are in fact made by Honda, however, I've yet to see any 2005/2006 headlights for the RSX (OEM or not) that does not have this part on it. I was wondering, does anyone know if this plastic cover is even removable or if there are OEM headlights made without them? (possibly a Canadian thing..?) And if they are removable, are they available to purchase somewhere online?

I'm kind of considering taking them off of my old headlights (if possible) to put on my new set, but I wanted to leave them on them for resale...

Thanks again to those who know enough to reply! :beerchug:
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