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Oil Life function is just not there. MIA

Thanks for taking the time to read my post.

I don't have an owner's manual, which was why I am asking for advice here.
Re: 2008 Acura TL. Just bought it.

really .... there is absolutely no sign of this Oil Life reading.
ALL the other readings that are mentioned when I do a Search for this problem , like trip computer, miles, trip A and B, temperature etc. are there just like the instructions say, but apparently MY TL left out that crucial measurement of Oil Life.
I mean, I'd certainly rather know about oil life than temperature, right? But it's just not showing.
Btw, when I hold down the Select button while in the screen showing average mileage etc. for more than ten seconds, it starts beeping and cycling through "plus-or-minus" temp settings of plus 1, 2, or 3, then minus 1, 2, or 3 which appears to be a fine-tuning adjustment to the temperature reading. Selecting +3 for example will add 3 degrees to the displayed temperature later.

But no Oil Life !!
Maybe I just got a dud.
I suppose I could travel to an Acura dealership (quite far away) but not just for asking about this.
There's a lot worse problems I could have, that thankfully I don't.
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