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I recently bought a 2000 RL, the check engine light is on and when I pulled the codes they came up as the following:

P0141 (65) Secondary Heated Oxygen Sensor Heater Circuit Malfunction (Sensor 2) - I have replaced the O2 sensor, cleared the code and it has not reappeared.

P0401 (80) Exhaust Gas Recirculation Insufficient Flow - This is the problem child, here is what I have done so far to fix this issue:

1 - Pulled and cleaned the EGR sensor, clear the code and within a few miles it came back on.

2 - Thus I replaced the EGR sensor... cleared the code and within a few miles it came back on.

3 - I have since Pulled the EGR, removed the copper tube from the bottom of the base that goes to the backside of the manifold to inspect and clean. Per discussions on the board I was expecting it to be clogged, however to my surprise it was perfectly clear.

4 - I then addressed my attention to the port hole that the EGR tube goes to on the Manifold, it was pretty clogged, but not with the hard carbon build up the I have read about, it was clogged with a blackish wet goop, almost like what you would find when cleaning out the catch pan of a gas BBQ grill. So I spent a good 20 minutes cleaning all the would come out with a drill bit (great advice). And also did a 1/3 can Sea Foam treatment through the brake booster line...

5 - I reassembled everything cleared the code and this time the check engine lighted stayed off when driving around for a good 30 -35 minutes... but it's back on again...

So I am back to square one... Have I missed any steps? The fact that the blockage that I removed from the Manifold was goopish versus solid, is that an issue or an indication of an alternate issue?

Also the EGR base has 2 holes that the gasket and EGR sit on, should air flow out of both these holes strongly when you rev the engine? I have strong flow out of the smaller round front one, and not much at all from the squarer back one closer to the firewall per say, even after the cleaning.

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