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Car shut off

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Hi everyone.

I have an Acura CL 2003.

Car starts as normal, will let it run as long I want to, as soon I put it on Reverse or Drive it will start to hesitate and shuts off right away, it will start back up as normal. Only happens while placing on any gears, I have to accelerate car and use the brakes so it won't shut off, I'm not driving this car around, only moving it around my yard for testing, also ..... Is burning more gas than normal, I can see a lot more smoke that normal, is not a blown Head Gasket since there is no water on oil, my question is.... There is any element on the intake manifold or engine itself that can shutdown vehicle when placing on gear?

I changed almost every sensor in the intake, transmission has been rebuilt 1 year ago (only added 5000 miles), new O2 sensors, new timing belt, I ran the car 5 miles after replacing timing belt, thought that was OK but it wasn't, timing was off while testing vehicle 5 miles. Installed timing belt correctly and vehicle worked just fine for about a month, this new problem is from last week.

Thank you in advance.
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When a car idles but wont in gear or if you punch it it bogs or doesnt act right Its in the fire ( ignition system like plugs or wires, coil pacs etc ) sometimes when changing belt the crankshaft position sensor gets mis-algned & your timung is off.
Sounds like idle air control circuit. It’s on the throttle body.
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