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Ok, if you are like me you came to realize, very quickly, that the back up lights on the TL are about worthless when it comes to actually seeing anything behind you. I tried replacing the bulbs with some 'brighter" aftermarket bulbs. were they whiter? yes. brighter? not so much.
Our tiny 921 bulbs just cant put out enough light.
So while at autozone yesterday i noticed that the 885 fog light bulbs are roughly the same size minus the plastic base and they come in 50 watt as opposed to the 18 watt stockers. so i bought a pair and after a bit of trial and error, came up with this:
*this is my first write up so bear with m

pick up a pair of 885 halogen fog light bulbs. i picked mine up at autozone for 12 bucks. they look like this:

taking out the old bulbs:
Open the trunk and take off the trunk liner by unscrewing the plastic clips, taking out the screw in the middle of the plastic handle used to close the trunk and popping off the plastic covers on the bars holding the trunk up.
there are also 2 round rubber pieces that just screw out. set the liner aside.

now unclip the wires on the reverse lights
then grab the lights twist untill they unlock and pull them out
pull the bulbs out of the bases and set them somwhere safe

now onto modding the fog lights to fit:
take the 885 bulbs out and put the base into a bench vice, being careful not to touch the bulb itself.
crank down on the vice slowly untill the plastic base is crushed pretty good.
take the bulb out of the vice and using a pair of needle nose pliers to support where the tabs meet the wires(ruined one bulb by not doing this the first time) and another pair of pliers to break off the remaining plastic. crush it in the vise again if not all of it comes off.
now the tabs make a 90 degree turn halfway down. you need to bend them straight using pliers/vise they should look something like this
then you need to fold them over to make them thick enough to stay firmly in the base. you dont want to have them completely flat. should look like this:
repeat for second bulb and then take the bases you took the stock 921 bulbs out of and slide the new modded bulbs in, make sure they fit tight so they wont vibrate their way out down the road.
install the bulbs like you would normally and plug them in and test them out before you put the trunk liner back in.

heres a pic of how bright they are:
as you can see it makes a world of differance, i can see everything behind me now. I left them on for a good 10 minutes while i was taking pictures and they didnt blow any fuses, melt any wires or melt the housing. they do get a bit hotter but not enough to worry about. sorry about the bad quality pics, the camera i was using is a 2 time OIF veteran, its seen alot of sand lol.
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