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Code 12 - EGR System on 95 Legend

My 95 Legend started throwing a Check engine light Code 12 the other day. It cycled off the yellow light, but it remained in memory and I was able to read it by jumping the pigtail under the dash. It was one long blink and 2 short blinks. My Chilton Manual says Code 12 is "EGR System". Can anyone steer me in the right direction for fixing this? Car is running OK, although once in a while it runs rough for a few minutes when starting after sitting for few days.

I have read threads on this site about taking the EGR system out of the car and cleaning all the carbon build up out of the pipes and from the manifold area. Does this sound like something I should do as just a matter of maintenance? I see no mention of this as a Service Procedure in my Manuals.

Car has 140K on it, and I don't think the EGR system has ever been touched.
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