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Hello, and thanks in advance for any advice you may give. Iv'e had my 2000 automatic Acura Integra LS for about six years now. It has 133,000 miles and I love it.
Recently, the CE light came on. I had it read and the man at Autozone suggested a new O2 sensor. I bought one, but before I could install it, my timing belt broke while driving. The shop i brought it to replaced that, and it was a miracle that I had no engine damage (according to the mechanic).
They told me that the code was for the catalytic converter, and not the O2 sensor.
I got my car back...and right away I am having extremely slow acceleration, as well as hesitation. If I turn my AC on, I can literally feel a huge loss of power instantly.
I didn't have any of these symptoms before the timing belt was broken and replaced. Did they mess up the timing, or is it my cat? Is this just a coincidence?
Also, I had oil around the gasket on my engine block...I forget what that's called (sorry). They said it was because my oil filter was loose? I don't understand how that would cause leakage around that gasket.
Any input would be greatly appreciated. I am stressed out but I must drive it to school. Hoping to get this fixed soon but I just wanted to run it by some people with more knowledge than I.
Thanks, Tina
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