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My relatively-new-to-me 2010 RDX Tech is great. However, now that the temps are in the -30 range I've noticed a few problems. Possibly these are known issues and nothing much to worry about, so feedback is welcomed.

1. Nav screen is far too dim to view, in day or night mode, when really cold. Can't see a map, audio info, etc, for at least 5 - 10 minutes after startup. More annoying, and potentially dangerous, is the inability to see behind me with the rearview camera.

2. When it's REALLY cold the suspension bangs and clanks over the slightest bump. It works itself out after several miles, but it's disconcerting at first to say the least. I've ridden in wheelbarrows with smoother suspensions.

3. The orange (not red) brake light comes on with the first drive after 6+ hours of sitting in the cold. If I drive it again a few hours later it usually won't come on.

4. The rear hatch won't stay up. Probably the shocks getting weak after 12 years, and not just an Acura problem, I had similar with my last vehicle also (2010 Equinox).

Does anyone else have similar problems . . . and potential fixes?
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