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I have a colleague who has a low mile (27k mile) 1998 Integra. She knows I'm a car guy, so she asked me if I might be interested in it. She lives about a mile from work and has another car - this is why the mileage is so low. I've known her for about ten years and have seen her take the car to work daily. I've looked at it a few times, but I can't determine the model. I believe it is a GS. It's dark green with lace wheels, rear spoiler, sunroof, tan leather interior and a 5 speed. The exterior is fairly clean with some grime on the rims and a few minor door dings. The leather inside is perfect and rest looks fairly clean - although I think she has smoked inside it. She has replaced the clutch and exhaust, but I don't think that Acura did the work.

I'm a gearhead who's owned everything from muscle cars (89 LX 5.0, 01 Cobra, 14 Challenger RT) to euros (03 V8 Jag S-type, 07 328Xi) to rice (85 & 88 Preludes, 91 240SX, 01 TL, 06 V6 Solara, 15 Corolla S). I was in college during the mid to late 90's and truthfully, if I wasn't, this would have been the type of car I would have bought during that time period. I am seriously interested, but I don't know what price range I should be offering. It's tough finding these cars with low mileage to compare. KBB lists it around 4500, as does NADA. Does 5000 sound like a fair offer?

I believe these things have timing belts, right? Given the time period, I'm guessing this would be a good thing to change out. How much should I be expecting from Acura? My TL ran me about 1500 for a belt change. Anything else I should be looking for? Thanks in advance for the input!
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