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I perused a few forums as a guest to get info on tech and modding my Canadian Acura EL. I chose AW as the one to register to in hopes that registered members have access to more info, as opposed to limited access if one were to peruse as a guest.

To my disappointment, the threads in this forum are exactly the same as what guests would get. Because my EL is a Canadian only vehicle and not in the public eye of the American tuning crowd. I guess that's too bad for me and the other Canadian CSX/EL owners. Anywho.............

There's still some valuable general info in here regarding Acuras that pertain to my EL. Wasn't totally a waste of time. Still new enough for me to search around in AW. Well......that was long winded, wasn't it.

I do legitimately have some queries to engage to AW members, but i'll do some more searching first. My usual procedure before asking anything.

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Well welcome to the board at least. Things are generally quite slow here though some active new members would help liven things up.
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