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Hey Everyone,

I'm currently looking into a second car since I feel as if I'm adding too many miles on my 04 Subaru Forester (just hit 90k). I'm new to Acura but not new to Honda as I have owned quite a few over the years... Was looking into a 97-2001 Accord but does't appeal to me that much although it would be amazing on gas. Next up was a TL around the same year but for the Money, I figured why not a RL! Looks really sharp in every way although gas I'm sure is not so great but willing to deal with it. So here is where I am at...

I found a 2001 RL with 110k for 4,000. blue booked it and it seems like a great deal on paper. Can anyone please chime in and fill me in on any known issues, if any, usually come about at that mileage? or any links that would guide me in the right direction?

I will search and look into it as much as I can, but I figured it would be nice to meet a few people and chat a bit in this thread. thanks in advance! :beerchug:
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