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Hello fellow TSX owners!
I presently bought 04 TSX without nav system (hoping to upgrade it later, stupid me =)). to my big surprise after research and stopping by some local audio dealers i found out that there is no kit to support 2din aftermarket stereos =(. (I bet most of you giggling:"welcome to our world!" ).
Until i stopped by local audio shop, and those guys say that anything can be done. they say they WILL do custom dash piece for me if I leave my car at the shop for about 4-5 days. as i understand they they can forge a custom plastic piece for me (circuit to separate ac from stereo about $30-40 and available on the market). The question is only in cash... it will cost a lot to make it only for 1 customer, and the more they sell = less price per piece.
So here is my offer: if I can find 5-6 ppl who willing to pay for that custom kit, each will cost about $400-500(still pricey, but remember there are no analog on the market, and you can sell your original stereo for nearly $800 on ebay(assuming its still working ;) )).

DO your math ~$450indash kit, + $40 to separate ac from stereo + $80 steering wheel control + ~ $500 pioneer avic x920bt ( + ~$150 for intallition... all that - $800 for you original stereo(if its working) = your price about $420 not that bad huh?

PLZ PM me if you are will be interested in this offer, if I can find some fellow ppl we can buy this in bulk, and i will ship it to you.

P.M. sorry for misspell or grammar... English not my first language
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