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DAmn this Mesh is Clean!!!

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This is a pic of the Bersaglio MesH 19" ddc chrome rim...Classy rims, wonder how much they run...What do you all think...Shyne:king:


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close up of the rims...I think I might be buying a set of bersaglio's:D...not these cant beat hartwheels as far as bling...Shyne:king:


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Dude, you STILL haven't found your rims??

Those ones aren't bad, not feeling the centers much, though (it's big, and makes a 3-piece wheel look even smaller). Which Harts would you be looking at?
shyne you suck at making wheel decisions. get some rims already!! go pawn your moms SL and get 'em!

BTW...those multispoke Bersialwhatever aren't my style...but would probably look good on a TL
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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