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Saturday night, so my friends & I decide to hang out. We go to DC and go to 1223 club, which sucked to death and then went to Cafe Citron. It was okay, but damn why so many foregners in there. Desi and middle eastern off the hook. it was like a brothel. Way 2 many guys... So i left early. Hit route 66 and see a merc. clk430 trying to take off. I was not sure if it was a clk430 or clk55. But i was in my 330ci and he had seen my xenons and knew i was game. He took off like a biotch. I followed like a shadow. We get in and out of traffic as route 66 has a lot of car even at 3am in the morning. I see the car has a nice torque curve. He gets on the shoulder to pass some car and we both hit close to 125mph and then he decides to quit. i pull up next to him and see it's a clk430 only. Then I pass him and go home listeing to my beats...
Damn, i thought the v8 would have a little more juice than that cuz I didn't even drop it to 3rd when I was pulling behind him. Anyway, i am home and time for a nap....

LIL Raja

ps. sunday is all day pool day. gotta be ready....
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