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So i picked up an 2012 TSX SE 6MT in April and started to notice the decline of the performance about the 30-40 day mark. I didn't take it above 4k for the first 800-900 miles because I wanted to let the engine break in properly. Around day 40 i started to notice the oil light message turn on and off briefly either during a turn or down a steep hill (my drive way is steep) so I checked the oil and it was pitch black and about 2/8th's above the bottom of the dipstick. This was NO WHERE near the bottom limit of the dipstick. In a panic I put in about 1.75 QT's of 0w-20 and went to the dealership with my problem. After about an hour of waiting the service manager tells me they want to do a consumption test with the car so they had to top it off to the top level and at my first oil change they will assess if my car is burning oil. (WTF!!!!) He then tells me that someone was probably rushing to get me the car and just looked at the dipstick to check for oil but not the level of oil in the car. Now I'm concerned that my brand new motor is damaged and I can't seem to get the VTEC to engage. It sounds like a diesel when in a higher gear and it just DOG slow with less than 3k miles on the odo.

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