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Hi everyone. I will be changing the timing belt on my 2015 RDX soon and have been watching several videos online.
There are conflicting statements about the direction of crank pulley move that may cause damage or turns the timing off. Some say counter-clockwise move would do the damage and others say the clockwise move.

Since removing the crank pulley bolt could be a challenge, I bought a 19mm heavy socket and crank wrench to hold it.
However, they do not fit in each other (see the picture). This means that when I want to remove the crank bolt using the 19mm socket I cannot use the wrench. The bolt opens in counter-clockwise direction. So the question is whether I should hold the crank pulley from moving. Some say that since the direction is counter-clockwise it is OK and some say the opposite. Others say use the wrench when tightening the bolt at the end of installation for the torque spec preventing it from moving clockwise.

Has anyone used these socket and wrench? Any suggestion?

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