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-Sunglass Repair Screw driver (flathead)
-Needle nose pliers
-Paper towel

Very simple, I've marked all the pry areas on the lens'.. Put the Small flat head all the way into the pry area, then pry. The lens will pop off. The 2nd row lights have a hinge on one side, so open using the marked pry area first then pull straight down off the hinges.

The bulbs are tight to remove so I folded paper towel and lined the inside of the needle nose pliers so it wouldnt break the glass and pulled the bulbs straight out.

-Rear gate door bulbs (194)
-Rear cargo area bulb (DE3175)
-2nd Row dome light (194)
-Front map lights (194)
-Front courtesy lights (DE3175)

Headlamp Automotive lighting Light Auto part Lighting

Automotive lighting Headlamp Light Automotive fog light Auto part

Floor Flooring Tile Ceiling

Automotive lighting Light Headlamp Automotive exterior Lighting

Vehicle Light Car Automotive lighting Headlamp
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