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-Funnel for new oil
-oil catch can for old oil
-new oil
-new filter
-new drain bolt crush washer

-Open Hood

-I removed the plastic trim on top for more room to pour new oil in, but if you have a long funnel you might not have to.

-Remove oil Cap
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-Locate and Loosen the oil drain bolt until you can spin it with your fingers slowly but do not remove yet
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-Place oil catch can under drain bolt and now you can fully remove the drain bolt and drain engine oil. Let drain until there is a drip, then replace oil pan drain bolt with a new crush washer.

-Locate oil filter & Place catch can underneath, unscrew filter counter clockwise. Once removed, let oil drain for a second then replace with new filter and tighten HAND TIGHT. *make sure old oil filter rubber seal is not stuck on the mounting surface | Also rub a small amount of engine oil on the new filters rubber seal*
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