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-Find the oil fill cap in engine bay, remove cap counter clockwise, place funnel into fill hole and fill engine with 4.5 quarts of oil. *I use Valvoline super syn 5w-20 and I buy the 5 quart jug from walmart*

-Make sure all tools are cleared out of the engine bay, start engine and let idle for 15 seconds so the oil can fill the new oil filter. Turn engine off and check oil dip stick level.

-The oil level should be in the middle of the cris crossed area of the dip stick. Check oil level after 4 quarts as it is easier to add than take away.

-After all is OK start the engine again and look under truck to make sure the oil filter and drain bolt is not leaking.

-Reset the oil minder by navigating to where it tells you the oil life percentage, hold the reset button on the steering wheel until you get the confirmation question to reset, choose reset.
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