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I have searched these forums and the internet for over 5 hours for a way to connect an aux in to my newly purchased 2002 RL w/nav. All the adapters I found do not work with the nav version of the rl to my dismay. I would rather not use a casette aux because the quality is crap. I wouls be ok with the fm module but i have no knowledge of grounding and splicing...

My last resort is to remove the radio altogether and get a 3rd party radio. I have a sony radio already, but the 12 pin harness that my car is cursed with does not connect, and i cannot find a 12pin to 8 pin converter. Do any of you have replacement radios that would work with the nav version that you recommend?

At this point im going to go to a specialist and cash out just so I can listen to music...your help is much appreciated.
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