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Door Panel Speakers

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I got a pair of Pioneer 6.5" speakers and I was wondering if you guys know whther or not I can replace our stock door panel speakers with these 6.5" speakers. I am going to use my stock headunit till it dies on me. Will the sound quality improve with the new 6.5 speakers? Is it worth the time and effort or are the stock speakers of good quality up front? Please advise
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as for fitment...the stock speakers are 5.25" and your door speakers are 6.5" so they wont fit. you have to buy these plastic rings to get them to fit.

as for sound quality, your mids will sound okay but since they are aftermarket speakers, they will sound even better with an aftermarket head unit but i guess your factory radio will be okay. if your going to wait for the factory radio to die......your probably going to wait for as long as you keep your car. just save up about......oh..300 bucks or so and get you a good head unit :)

I bought 6.5" JBL's and had a guy near me put them in... he made no mention of the need for a ring and replaced my front components in an hour. I think most install shops keep them around.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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