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HELP! Insurance is trying to SCREW ME!!

I hit a deer on driver side front of '02 RL. After bodywork and paint, I am being told my ABS control unit has an internal failure. My ABS and TSC lights stay on after starting up. These lights did NOT come on after the impact even after several starts and driving 2 hours back home to the dealer. The dealer replaced the driver side fender, hood, grill, bumper, inner fender, headlight because of the damage. They replaced the wheel sensor because they said it was bad and the reason for the lights staying on (and insurance paid for it). Now they are saying it was still bad but not the cause and the ABS control unit is bad and insurance will not pay for it because it's located on the right side of the car.

It is my understanding that the wheel sensor communicates through the ABS control unit. Besides the wheel sensor, there was another part that was burnt out as well. Could an electrical charge (like broken headlight or bad mechanic) be transmitted through the system, and fry out the wheel sensor, the other part AND cause an internal failure of the ABS control module even though it's on the RIGHT side away from the impact?

In my opinion since there were NO problems with it before and now there is, it had to be from the impact or from a careless mechanic but insurance wants a reason it is possible. They are doing a search on there end to see if a deer impact causing the same damage as mine with the same repairs could possible justify the ABS control unit going bad. And I think we all know what they are going to say.. DENIED!

Does anyone know if this happening or some proof of the connection between the wheel sensor causing the ABS to internally fail? I'm feeling like I'm going to get screwed my the insurance, the dealer or BOTH. Thanks


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