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Dubs on a TL???

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I was wondering if 20x8 or 20x8.5 would fit on a lowered 99 3.2 TL?? the car is lowered with the Eibach Prokit Springs???
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I doubt it, unless the offset is perfect, and minor body work to make room for the tire. ALso, you'd have to get like 30 series tires...which ride like, um....crap.
I don't think 20" will fit on lowered TL. Specially with Eibach spring.
importcult is lowered w/ eibach and has 20X8.5 HP racing TK9s (I think) he has spring spacers and says he rubs pretty good but it looks phat. uhm search the other site for him
Sure, as long as the offset is between 55 and 60? Also, look at how many tires fit that size of wheel.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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