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Dunlop SP SPORT FM901 and

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Has anyone had any experience with these tires before? They're not listed on the Dunlop North American site, but I did find info on their Australian and Japanese sites about them, so I'm assuming they're tires that have only been marketed in Asia until now. Or has received a shipment of gray market tires maybe? What makes them very attractive aside from the specs are that they are available in our stock size and are only $86 each.

Has anyone ever bought tires from

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i saw them on americas tires or tire riacks website. i don't think they are grey market, just new. they are cheaper than dunlop sp 9000's but have a much lower treadlife. i would expect the don't last past 20k. might be worth it for that price though......
FYI, 1010tires is affiliated with a small tire chain here in Vancouver called Volco tires. I think theyr'e a pretty reputable co.
I was directed to this on Tirerack, but there doesn't seem to be any specs or pricing posted yet. Maybe they're waiting for some old stock to turn over?
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