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Im looking at getting some more power out of an 04 TL Six speed what the easiest way to get more power out of it without boosting it. Will Header back and intake do it? Or will tuning it help. Let me know THanks

Here you go 305 hp right here
-J37 Manifold
-P2R TB Spacer w/Thermal gaskets
-P2R Manifold Spacer w/Thermal Gaskets
-P2R EGR delete
-4" custom CAI Intake that's wrapped in insulated tape
-OBX PCDs "Pre-cat deletes"
-OBX Jpipe
-ATLP Testpipe
Dynomax Resonator
-Mid-Muffler delete
-ktuned 93 octane
21 - 23 of 23 Posts