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EL Recalls????

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I went to the Transport Canada web site and I found 0 recalls for the 2001 EL. I did find recalls for the 2001 Civic. Are you saying that recalls for the Civic are recalls fro the EL?

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Hey Stephen,

There are recalls for the 2001 EL. Don't know why you couldn't find them. Check out this thread for my recalls postings, direct from the Transport Canada website.

Maybe you're searching for the "1.7 EL", which may not bring it up. Select Acura as the make and for the model, just enter "EL" and leave the default of "All Years" and it should bring up all EL recalls, which isn't much when compared to say, the Focus, which has had 10 recalls so far.


Thanks for the tip. Yes, I did type 1.7EL instead of just EL. Don't know why it would make a difference tho.

To everyone else, if you have a 2001, have you received a bulliten from your dealer? Just wondering.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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