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I am trying to fix a 2000 TL for my wife's sister and having some issues I was hoping someone might be able to help with. A little background first, tail lights aren't working, everything else is. Sister in law took it to a street mechanic, who replaced the alternator twice, said it was fried... Then she took it to a 'friend' who cracked open the driver side fuse box, crossing every wire possible... Alternator went out again, and battery wouldn't hold a charge. She then had it towed to another mechanic who replaced the battery, said it was fine, and it broke down on the way home...

Now I got it...

So far, I have replaced the battery, alternator, and fuze box... The car runs, holds a charge, but the tail lights and power steering dont work. I have ordered a new power steering pump, but a little confused on the tail lights.

All of the brake lights, reverse lights, and signals work. Headlights and all work as well. Replaced the bulbs on the tail lights and still nothing...

Are there any specific fuses that are just for the tail lights? could a wire be torn somewhere that would just activate the tail lights?

Once I replaced the power steering pump, if it works great, if not, I will readdress that problem later. I sincerely appreciate everyone's input and help!!!

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