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Hey AcuraWorld!

I'm a newbie here, but Im also on Acurazine too (been there a bit longer). But I figured I should make an account on both forums as they both have their perks!

I am a fairly new owner of a NBP 2004 Acura TL base navigation 5AT. Love the car so far, it's not perfect but it is slowly getting better. So far all maintenance is up to date, brand new tires added, changed out some suspension bushings and now I am looking into Tein Basis coilovers or FnF Type 1s, followed by a Type-S A-Spec front lip. More after those but thats my starting point.

Heres a pic of the first ever autocross I took it to. Got a great idea how it handles.

I also added a hitch for carrying my mountain bikes (hopefully lowered it will clear)

And snow drifting

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