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I have gotten this engine code popup and need help in finding the right part to replace. Searches have gotten me not to much info but did find something similar.

It was an Acura TL i believe, guy said his GF spilled a drink on the console/shifter. He got the same code right away. I also have some pictures.
Now in my research, a few different guys in forums say the tranny is screwed. Well, they don't know the code, and obviously just spew out useless info. I know for a fact the tranny is fine. It seems to be electrical, and hence the code, some chip that controls the shifting. I can use tiptronic perfectly fine, and auto shifts fine except for 5th on the highway. Let me know what info anyone can scrounge up please.
Thanks![email protected]/7356597542[email protected]/7356596388/in/photostream/
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