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Hello !

Guys, I have big problem.
Today I end my (DIY) head gasket replacement. I've put all parts together, connect battery and I seet in my car, turn on the ignitoin and ...
starter is working, engine is turning but it cant start.

I run it for a while but only after I put my wrench under wires before 1st cylinder (Passanger side looking from front of car).
When those wires are bend all works, after I remove wrench and wires goes down (under covers) it can't start again.

Suppose something is broken / discontinuous but I don't have idea what it can be (I'm not a mechanic). Suppose those 20 years old wires could broken while moving them around.

Here is the picture of instalation (not sure but I feel that photo is "mirror horizontal) with circle where I put my wrench.

Don't know why but ... those plugs (32) in my car are on the other side (passanger).

Does anyone know what can be a reason of that ?

Those are only wires to injectors, even if something is broken it should run on 5 cylinders, but it should. It seams like something stop fuel or spark but problem disapear after bend wires ...

I found that it could be a "main relay" but dont understand what it have to do with those wires in my example ;D


Thanks for any help :)
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