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Hey guys.

So last week or so I got a hole in my oil pan after hitting a rogue speed bump at 25. Replaced the part myself, wasn't so complicated, but took a good amount of time. Anyways after the job is done and I am all jazzed up to hear my Legend run again I get the most disgusting sound I've ever heard a car make. Wouldn't start the first few times, only making some bad, gross sound.

After letting it sit for a good 10 minutes I go to start again and it starts, but the sound its making when it runs is almost as bad. I'm afraid to shift it out of park, so I haven't drove around at all.

I will say I put 4.5 quarts of new oil in & the new pan is not leaking. Also the noise is so loud I can't even tell if it’s coming from the engine or not. When I hit the speed bump last week it wasn't making this noise, just loosing oil fast (I parked immediately so the engine was never running with no oil in it).

I need help guys, no spare $ as of now for a new vehicle. Will gladly answer questions or post more videos to help figure this thing out.

sounds like a shitty lawnmower -

(forum wont let me post links cause I don't have 15 posts yet) type in Youtube search box - 89 Legend Engine Problem (Loud Noise)
OR copy and paste URL from the Title of my post

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Sounds to me like something that is moving (belt or pully) is contacting something, if you increase the engine speed does the pitch of the sound increase or stay the same?
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