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Engine wash surprise

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Washed the engine on my 02 TL-S the other day, first time doing so.

Drove home very pleased with the outcome and with my cool self.

An hour later, left the driveway, the car stalled, and the lamps lit up all over the dash. It would restart, but would stall again after attempting to shift into second gear. I edged around the block like this and got back home without being rammed or sideswiped.

Slightly stressed by now, and wondering what the hell I needed a clean engine for anyway, I pondered my situation. Thinking quickly, I realized that this might be linked to the water being sprayed on the motor. No flies on this boy.

I grabbed the leaf blower and blasted the motor until my arms were sore.

Back down the driveway, out to the street... made it to third gear before getting bucked like a bronco. Much Better ! Still lots of pretty lights on the dash though.....

Another round with the leaf blower and she drove pretty decently unless pushed. There was Hope.

Next morning, 4am....anxiously turned the key and started the 50 kilometer journey to work. All good for the first few K's, all good for a few more....made it without a hitch ! Only the check engine light remained on.

Lots of folks wash their engines without any problems, so I was very suprised at what happened to me. :wtf:

But Jeez, the engine looks good now ! I might even open the hood once in a while and admire it ! :beerchug:
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Sounds like water got in some of the electrical connection. Did you wash with the engine running? Pressure washer? Chemicals used to clean the engine?
Yup. I think washing with the engine with it off was the main issue. I've pressure washed my engine always with it on and never had any issue
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