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I'm in the market for a used entry-level luxury sedan, and am planning to spend $9-14K on a 2006 and newer model.

Front on my list now is the Volvo S60, but I'm also aware of the BMW 325, Audi A4, Lexus IS300, Infinit G, and Acura TL.

1. Am I missing any key models that fit the category?
2. Anyone have any opinions on nuances of any of the models? (I can find safety data, MPG etc online)

Keep in mind my vehicle will likely have over 50K miles on it, so reliability/cost of maintenance is important.

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entry level

Acura Tl will have lowest maint. and costs.
mid range on the power, faster than both the lexus, bmw325 and some of the G-series.
Although, your best bet for getting the most out of the car is either/both Type S Tl and/or manual (adds extra gear)

I dont know shit about volvos.

I have a 2006 acura tl. the wishbone suspension is phenomenal..power is right where i need it. My biased opinion says get the Acura, i paid less than 12k for the 06 with 74k.

BUT It all depends on what you're looking for. The lexus, bmw, and G's are all RWD which will give you a more sporty driving experience than the ACURA.

Do you plan on modding? Get an infiniti.
Dont mind fat repair bills? Get the BMW, because its a BMW.
Want a peppy RWD luxury car? Get a lexus
Want safety? Volvo.
Want a powerful FWD, affordable luxury? acura.

Audi A4 is a pretty good car too, performs similar to acura, but it is a RWD, so more fun if thats what youre looking for. but its more expensive as well. German engineering = labor rates ^^

Hope this helps.
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