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My old Camaro is currently listed on ebay
It's a V6 that puts out 312 HP, and gets 29MPG highway. It's a 6 speed manual. It's "loaded" inside, leather, heated seats and mirrors, bluetooth, the works. Factory 19" wheels.

So comparing this car to the TL I used to have . . . Well there is no torque steer, my '06 TL had unbelievable torque steer. This Camaro actually has a relatively soft ride. It's very comfortable driving as a daily-drive. I took a trip to Maryland with it once and it was a very nice ride. That said, it corners much better than my TL. The TL would just roll in the corner, get bogged down and then understeer away. The Camaro is no RX-8, but it handles pretty well. Also the car has tractional and sway controls. So put some snow tires on it, and it's AWESOME in the snow. Never got stuck in the snow with snow tires on, not even once. And I'm in Massachusetts, we get snow.

So rear wheel drive might not be your thing, but eh maybe you might want to give it a try. Aaaaaaaaand I can't post the link. It's item number 161017278891
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