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Hello, I was wondering if anyone else has installed or had a remote starter installed in their RDX?
We purchased a factory remote start for our daughters RDX so she would still have a factory FOB, My husband installed it at home only to find out the key FOB still needs to be programed at the dealership. We ordered it with her VIN# so it automatically worked for the door lock and unlock but not the remote start. So we paid the $150. for the hour of labor although it probably took 10 mins (most expensive car wash ever)!
They programmed it for her and after getting home she removed her original FOB from the car and the new FOB didn't run the car!! It started the car from in the house but when you open the door the car shuts off and will not start? We called the dealership and they said she needs to carry both FOB's?????
I bought a factory unit so she wouldn't have to carry 2 FOBS and I don't feel like we were given the correct info about this.
Does anyone know about these factory starters and if it was just not programmed correctly?
Looking for a friend ;)
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