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I have an Australian (RH Drive) Honda Legend (same as Acura RL).

I have a US (Acura RL) service manual and there are two main differences that have me stumped.

The first is the service connector to read the ECU codes is not under the ashtray in the centre console like it is in the US versions. Does anyone know where it is on the R.H.Drive versions?

The second is the location of the fac control module. In the US versions this is next to the ECU under the kick-panel, under the carpet on the passenger side.
This is not the case on RH Drive versions: The connector next to the ECU has been taped to the harness at the factory and I am stumped as to where to find it. I have an issue where the fans are no longer coming on after I switch the engine off on +32 deg C days. Clearly a problem with either the fan timer of the radiator sensor, so I though I would try the fan control module first...... if I can find it! Anyone know where it is on RH Drive?
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