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haha, some punk in his new lookin black firebird with t-tops off, greased hair, and upside down chill cap backwards, passes me jammin the radio.... yes, I was in my loaner 2002 type-S, but I look over like 'you want some biznitch?', and he smirks like, yeah right, you cant do shiz in that sedan, anyway, .... aahhh, the red light ahead......


we both have great starts, I slightly start pulling, we seemed to both go into 2nd at the same time, and thats when the TYPE-S said, night, night... pulled like mad.... I stopped accelerating at around 65mph or so (45 speed limit), with a big smile on my face, ...

of course, here he comes flying by at like 80mph.... I HATE THAT.... I always tap my brakes when I want to let them KNOW Im slowing down, I WON!!! LOL...

I was wondering if my base would do the job... 99.. I think its 0-60 in 7.4, I think it would be pretty even. Anyone race a firebird w/ a 99 TL-P??
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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